One week in a Boston apartment

It’s been one week since the leasing office handed over the keys to our Boston apartment and finally put an end to our month and a half of homelessness. The place is, understandably, still in a bit of disarray and not entirely photo-ready: half-empty boxes here and smooshed packing peanuts there — yikes! (In fact, I should probably be emptying the box of hangers in the living room instead of blogging. Shh, don’t tell Sean.) But we’re adapting to our new ‘hood pretty well and making quick work of putting our stamp on our new home. Below are seven quick-takes from our first seven days in Boston:

apartment_story_1The first few days in the new place were…rough. The only furniture we had when we moved in was a blow-up bed. And we couldn’t get the wi-fi to work. So I sat on the hardwood floor in the corner of the cavernous living room plugged into our modem from 8-5 for three days straight. And after work I laid on the air mattress for four hours and played on my phone. AT&T had some choice words for me about my data usage last week, I’m telling ya.

apartment_story_2One of my biggest fears about moving to Boston was — wait for it — grocery shopping. In Dallas I could usually get all of my groceries from my car into the apartment in one trip, but it was only a short walk down a hallway and I was always at risk of dislocating an arm. So I wasn’t sure how I was going to lug everything from the grocery store to my Boston apartment on foot. But on Wednesday I did it! I limited myself to what I could fit in a hand-held basket and the half-mile march back to my apartment wasn’t bad at all. In fact, I was so emboldened by my success that the next day I took the T (by myself, for the first time) to Target. That was more of a trek (about a mile each way from the T stop) but still very manageable. I can do anything now!

apartment_story_3Our apartment is on the third floor and is only accessible via a pretty steep spiral staircase. It took seven trips for Sean and me to move our measly possessions from his car into the building on Tuesday, and the whole time we were huffing, puffing, and praising God that we’d had the foresight to hire movers for the big stuff. Pray, tell, why have I never hired movers before!? It took Sean, me, and five friends eight hours to load our pods in Dallas — and we had an elevator. Our two movers were done unloading everything in an hour and a half.

apartment_story_4We’ve met a TON of neighbors already — way more than we ever met in the 2.5 years we lived in our apartment in Dallas. We introduced ourselves to the other people in our building last Thursday to warn them about our impending move: “Hi, we’re your new neighbors. Don’t park near our moving permit tomorrow or we’ll have to tow you. Sorry in advance for how noisy we’re going to be this weekend!” And quite a few people on our street welcomed us to the neighborhood on Saturday when we were outside keeping an eye on the movers. We’re surrounded by fine folks, y’all!

apartment_story_5Our apartment is a good size, especially by Boston standards, yet I have no idea where we’re going to put all of our stuff. Remember how cocky I was about how much we got rid of before we left? Yeaaah…Sean took two more boxes of stuff and two bags of clothes to Goodwill yesterday morning. Pretty much all of our essentials — clothes, kitchenware, bathroom goodies, etc. — are put away now, so only a handful of boxes and baggies are still cluttering up the main living spaces. But all flat surfaces in the place are piled high with random decor, and our spacious living room closet is stacked from floor to ceiling with boxes labeled “books” and “frames.” We had four bookshelves and a hutch in Dallas; we have zero bookshelves and zero hutches in Boston. WOE! So now we’re on a mission to find shelving that matches the style of our apartment and our other furniture. Craigslist and flea markets, ho!

apartment_story_6I get the feeling our landlord hired someone with multiple personalities to paint our place. The living room and kitchen are definitely Dr. Jekyll: classic up-market khaki with a pop of red. The bedroom and bathroom have Mr. Hyde written all over them — if Mr. Hyde were a 19-year-old college co-ed. The bathroom is light denim, and the bedroom is a searing robin egg blue. They aren’t necessarily colors I would’ve picked and I was afraid they were going to clash horribly with my stuff. But miraculously, everything goes together really, really well! In fact, I daresay I’m obsessed with the way our bedroom looks. I never want to leave!

apartment_story_7Sunday night was the first time we were able eat dinner at our coffee table while watching Netflix on our T.V. It’s been almost two months since we’ve been able to enjoy that evening ritual, and I don’t think either one of us realized how much we missed it until we were sprawled out on the couch nomming on pizza and happy-sighing repeatedly. It really is good to be home.

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