(Two thousand and) fourteen memories

2014. Hoooo, boy. Where do I start? Crazy, mixed up, stressful things happen when you pick up and move across the country. And things stay pretty crazy, mixed up, and stressful for a long, long time once you get there. I’m absolutely looking forward to a more settled 2015, but I gotta give crazy, mix up, and stressful some credit: they sure do lead to some exciting experiences. So, without further ado, here are my top 14 memories from the past crazy, mixed up, stressful year to help me say…


14. Sean and I visited 11 states (Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine) AND Canada. And that’s not counting the three states we drove right on through (Delaware, New Jersey, and Rhode Island).

13. We lived in a hotel for almost a month and ate A LOT of ramen.

12. I got sick of working from home, so I found a new job. Now I write about World War II-era Germany and French wine in an office with coworkers instead of Medicare and Medicaid on the couch with my cat.

11. I missed Texas more than I thought I would. If I didn’t own a map, I wouldn’t believe I’m still living in the same country. Seriously — culture shock like whoa.

10. But I found so much to love about New England — beautiful scenery! Compact size! SEASONS!

9. I learned to speak Yankee: “rotary” instead of “roundabout” (or “traffic circle”), “Yankee swap” instead of “white elephant,” “munchkin” instead of “donut hole,” and “barbecue” meaning any old kind of summer get-together.

8. I indulged my inner history buff: the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library, Ellis Island, Plymouth Rock, and the Mayflower. (Not to mention the Mooflower!)

7. I watched the Red Sox take on the Rangers and heard Tom Petty play at Fenway, I went to my first Division II football game (just like a high school game, but with free food and cheap beer), and I saw The Nutcracker for my birthday.

6. I survived an entire summer without air conditioning. But I probably wouldn’t do it again.

5. I walked through the sets of two movies: Black Mass and Ted 2. Coming soon to a theater near you!

4. I also watched Top Chef film a promotional spot AND I got my own tiny taste of fame on ESPN College GameDay.

3. I didn’t get a Massachusetts license, but that’s ok — without my beloved car, I only managed to drive three times between March 1 and December 31.

2. Sean finished his first semester of grad school. And when I say “finished” what I really mean is “showed grad school who’s boss.”

1. We recently started planning for 2016 at work, so I’m actually not even sure what year it is anymore. Time is meaningless. Days are just numbers on a calendar. Happy 2012, everybody!