The Monday-est Monday that ever Monday’d

Today didn’t really do it for me. I need another weekend. Preferably one that I can spend watching episodes of the West Wing in between trips to the refrigerator. The weekend that just wrapped was ruthlessly productive. I’m thrilled by how much we accomplished, but my get-up-and-go is fried. We traversed the State on Saturday and Sunday, and now I can’t even muster the will to get a glass of water from the kitchen.

We visited five antique stores/flea markets, an estate sale in southern Mass, four big box stores, and our friends’ house west of Boston this weekend. We bought storage solutions, light bulbs, groceries, and a new ironing board to replace the one that survived the move and the subsequent month and a half in storage only to break the first time Sean used it. (I know.) We unloaded eight(!) boxes of holiday décor at our friends’ house (bless them and their big basement). We found three awesome pieces of vintage furniture for our place — a drop-leaf tea cart that I will take with me to the grave, a domed steamer trunk that Sean will probably want to be buried in, and a hutch that we’ll have to share in the afterlife. We unloaded that furniture on our busy street and carried it up our spiral staircase without breaking bone or wood. We got couches and chairs and coffee tables situated in their proper places. We unpacked almost all of our remaining boxes and decorated our living room and kitchen. We filled four recycling bags with cardboard and paper. We found five bags’ worth of items to donate. We ran out of steam at 10 o’clock last night and vowed to worry about all the pictures and shelves and vases and books that still need a place to live on a day that is not today or tomorrow.

Today I was useless. I crawled out of bed at 8AM and fumbled my way to my laptop in the living room. I have clean hair and I’m wearing not pajamas and I drank a cup of coffee and I sent some emails. I have not done laundry or emptied the dishwasher or left the house. I ate Cheez-Its and an apple for lunch. I had an Indian restaurant down the street make my dinner. (I chose the restaurant because it has online ordering and using a phone is hard.) I need a nap.